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vendredi fleurs...

Bonjour a tous,

Hope that you have a good week. Here the sun is shining again in SW France, which is perfect for the weddings that are taking in place in our village this weekend. I love the way that the French decorate the church complete with flower filled archway and will try and take some photos tomorow.

I have just returned from a visit to our lovely "flower man" as I need some fresh flowers for the apartments. I love the fact that I select and he cuts, you cannot get much fresher than this.

I took my camera with me hence today's photo was taken a few minutes ago and is also fresh. I love the way that this rose appears to be reaching for the sky and is the only one left standing.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend/ je vous souhaite a tous un week-end fabuleux... Leeann x

a little bedtime reading...

This week has been a little cloudy and grey which is not normal for this time of the year but it has come as a welcome respite from the hot dry spell that went on and on and despite being fabulous for the tourists, was not so good for the local producers including the local vignerons.

For me I cannot think of anything nicer than curling up with a good book knowing that it is grey and damp outside.

On top of my reading list was "Love in a Warm Climate" written by Helena Frith Powell.

The blurb on the back of the book goes something like this....

What do you do if you find a bra in your husband's luggage that isn't yours? Or even his!

This is the dilemma facing mother-of-three Sophie Reed, shortly after she moves to France with her family to start a new life. As they are unpacking her husband admits to having an affair with a French woman called Cecile. Sophie thinks about throwing him out with the bra. But then what? Should she move back to England?

Her inner French woman…

looks like fun...

{fabulous photo from here}

Looks like fun, what do you think? I am not sure that I could sit still long enough but I think that it would make a change from cleaning....

Bonne semaine à tous ! =) ... Leeann x

a "sweet" film for the weekend...

Click on this photo for a sweet surprise......

Bon weekiend a tous.....Leeann x

vendredi fleurs...

{photo taken in a small village on route to Sarlat}

Bonjour from a cooler SW France, how was your week? Mine was a busy one which saw up having to drive to Sarlat (fabulous medieval village 1 1/2 hrs drive away) to deliver a buffet that proved to be bigger than most vans.

Needless to say we were happy when we found a van big enough and it is now happy in it's new home. The new owner is planning on giving it the "patine" treatment.

I cannot wait to see the finished result. I also have a few items that I would like to paint but think that these will be Autumn projects.

This weekend I am going to be helping French boyfriend with the decoration of his new antique shop, what are you doing this weekend?

Bon journee a tous, Leeann x

Made me smile...

When I saw this photo on this morning it made me smile. I love the way that the arm is resting on the pillar.

Bon journee a tous, L x

Vive la Franc...

When I saw these tea towels at this mornings brocante in our village, I could not help but smile.

The reason for the smile, they have a price tag in francs.....a currency that has not existed since 1998.

The vendor explained that they came from a famous store called L'Aquitaine that no longer exists.
I could not resist buying them (5 in total) so if anyone wants a slice of history albeit not very old, they are 10 euros each and you will find them here.

I also have 3 vintage tea towels that came from the same vendor that are older - circa 1940's for the same price.

You can find them here......

Bon diamanche a tous, Leeann x

vendredi fleurs...

oops I almost forgot that today is Friday/vendredi with yesterday being a holiday, it does not feel like Friday.....

Also a reminder for those of you in the area on Sunday, it is our local brocante, which is taking place in the garden of the old chateau and weather permitting, it should be a great day.

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday/ Je vous souhaite un vendredi fabuleux....

Leeann x

Happy Bastille Day....

Tomorrow is La Fête Nationale in France and as with most of France we will be celebrating and the day will finish with a fabulous display of fireworks in the village.....I cannot wait.

Leeann x

Monogramme fever...

It seems like this week is going to be the week for monogrammes.
We have new in stock this week some gorgeous antique sheets, all of which have wonderful monogrammes.

Some are small and some are large like the one shown below.

Price 60 euros + postage

A little bit of history on the monogramme.....

The marking of linen was not done originally for decorative purposes. Marking was made solely for laundry identification on washday. Each item held the indelible ink mark or stitching of its household on one corner. The Royals had “linen maids”. In the countryside, the whole village participated in the commoners' washdays. The laundresses used to go down to the stream or river together. They would all work alongside each other and it was easy to mix up the household items amongst the workers.

Fine, wealthy families in Europe considered linens precious items, as they were frequently woven in the rarest of fabrics. It was also an opportunity to show off and to display each others linens. They …

5 hours from our house...

is the wonderful city called Barcelona. It is one of my favourite cities, the architecture is fabulous as is the food and there are lots of fabulous shops................What more could a girl want?

Thought that you may like this, How to be a stylish tourist in Barcelona, click here

A tres bientot, Leeann x

Love at first sight....

As soon as I saw him, I knew he was the one for moi.
Unfortunately he belongs to someone else.......but hey a girl can dream, can't she?

Hope you are having a week-end fabuleux, Leeann x

vendredi fleurs..

{all photos from here}
Another busy week here in SW France as the holiday sesaon is now in full swing. It is a great time to be visiting the area as there is an abundance of concerts, exhibitions, markets scheduled for the summer months.
Next week is France's Fete Nationale and for me, it is a fabulous day as everyone young and old celebrates in some form or another and the night normally ends with a fabulous fireworks display - I still enjoy them as much as I did when I was a child growing up in NZ. The only difference being Dad is not placing rockets in gumboots and then checking as to why nothing has happened!
This weeks photo is courtesy of the lovely Sue Barber and some more of her lovely photos appear below. Sue and her husband Andy (who incidentally is also a great photographer) also have just opened a gorgeous antique shop in the village, which is a must visit if you are in the area.
I love this shot of the lillies with the old bistro chair.

This shot captures France in one pho…

fabulous and french.....bien sur!

{photo from here}

I think that this meeting room at the newly opened Maison Martin Margiele hotel in Paris is most definitely fabulously French - what do you think, do you agree?
Leeann x

I adore these..

{photo from here}

I adore this photo as there is something that I find extremely appealing about these vintage valises.

Not sure if it is the decorative value or the fact that they conjure up memoires of days gone past. My plan for one of mine is to line the inside with wallpaper - I just need to decide which wall paper?

An easy decision I am not so sure....

Leeann x

the perfect weather...

............for eating one of these.

It is another samedi très chaud in SW France.

Hope you are having a week-end fabuleux,
Leeann x

vendredi fleurs....

Not only is it Friday but it is the first day of a brand new month....bonjour juillet!

This weeks flowers come to you courtesy of my lovely neighbour Jay, aren't they stunning?

Not only does Jay have a way with flowers she is also a talented sculptress, you can see some of her fabulous work here.

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday and an even more fabulous month
Je vous souhaite à tous un merveilleux vendredi et un mois encore plus fabuleux, Leeann x