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Fabulous burlap...

Latest tresors include this fabulous vintage grain sack which would look great either hanging or used to upholster a chair. We have a couple more which I will listing over the next day or so.

Also new in this week is this fabulous piece of burlap complete with "broderie". I think that it would look great framed or alternatively it would make a fabulous cushion cover.
Love the details and the French words are the "icing on the cake".

Cordialement from a rainy SW France.
Leeann x

p.s. We are preparing for a heatwave as the forecast is for lots of sunshine tomorrow and Saturday with a high of 26 degrees.
Just need to remember when I put the bikini....


{photo take by moi, St Emilion Jan 2011} I plan to visit some of the nearby vineyards/caves in nearby St Emilion, as I am working on a room service menu for Maison No. 20 and am searching for some fabulous new wines.
Anyone want to join me?
Leeann x

surprise gift....

What a lovely and very thoughtful gift she is.
I adore her and plan to put flowers in the wee vase that she is attached to. Elle est très belle!
A demain mes amies,
Leeann x

Carpe diem...

{Beautiful magnolia tree near maison no.20} So beautiful and yet oh so fragile.I adore the Magnolia tree and it reminds me of New Zealand as my grandmother had a beautiful tree in her garden which I adored.Carpe diem roughly translates to "seize the day" and I think that this phrase is well suited to the magnolia as the flowers appear and then disappear as quickly as they appeared.A useful phrase that we can also apply to life in general.....Wishing you all a fabulous weekend/Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux week-end......Leeann x

Running away....

{photo from here}
When I saw this fabulous photo of this new hotel in Frome, SW England I knew that it was meant for me. Also think that this photo may inspire me to start work on the attic at maison no. 20 as the attic has big beams the same as pictured above and I think that it would make a fabulous not to mention extra large bedroom for apartment un. I adore the zinc bath and the bed is also pretty fabulous. For more fabulous photos of this amazing hotel, click here.
Just need to save some pennies.....for both the weekend away and renovation of the attic space.

......a vendredi mes amies,

Leeann x

Fabulous stone...

As many of you probably already know, I am a lover of stone and think that it is the perfect material when restoring an old stone house in France. Here at Maison 20 we have used it in all of the kitchens and it is so practical. At our oither house, we used it on our terrace and it really transformed the terrace as before it was plain concrete. We are lucky enough to have a fabulous shop in our village which stocks a great range of stone.

It is called Urrutia Stone and is run Julian, who is an expert in stone.This is an old post card of Julian's shop.....
This is a photo of how Julian's shop looks today......

Here are some photos of the stone that he stocks.

All are lovely and come in a range of colours.

Such a fabulous contrast, the wood against the natural stone.

Lots of many shapes and sizes...

So if anyone is looking for stone, you know where to come.

Now on a work note, I need to get back to my chandeliers as I have a few to clean before listing in the shop.

.....bon début de semai…

Friday flowers and a poem...

{photo and poem from here}
2 Jonquilles
Le pré aux jonquilles

Mes yeux jouent aux quilles
Dans le pré aux jonquilles
Les femmes portent leur beauté
Comme des bouquets parfumés

Il y a dans l'air un baiser
à peine osé, à peine posé
Qui fait sur les lèvres fleurir
Les boutonnières du sourire

Le printemps est revenu
Et dans le jardin des nues
Les anges en robe blanche
Cueillent les fleurs du silence

Tout semble si paisible
Que la mort impassible
Me croise sans me heurter
Et discrètement marche à mes côtés



2 Daffodils
The meadow daffodils

My eyes are playing bowling
In the meadow with daffodils
Women wear their beauty
As fragrant bouquets

There was a kiss in the air
hardly dared hardly posed
Who's on the lips bloom
Buttonholes smile

Spring has returned
And in the garden naked
The angels in white dress
Pluck the flowers of silence

Everything seems so peaceful
Impassive as death
Cross my face without me
And quietly walk beside me

I adore....

.....French soap/savon. So many pretty colours and perfumes- how is a girl to choose?

A demain mes amies, Leeann x

a petite project....

Yesterday morning we got up early and went "chine"ing.I found these wonderful wall lights complete with original baccarat crystal. For some reason I have a thing about chandeliers and wall lights at present - especially those with crystal.I now have another project to add to mny ever growing list - restore these wee tresors.How did you spend you Sunday? Dites-moi...

Leeann x


First it was New Zealand and now Japan, today words are not enough - they are meaningless.

Leeann x

Spring has arrived in SW France..

{photos taken yesterday by moi, just up the road}Yesterday we went for a walk and guess what we found?Lots of beautiful blossom! I could not resist taking some photo's much to the owner of this fabulous driveway's delight - he was very happy for me to snap away.Wishing you all a very happy and perfumed weekend/Je vous souhaite à tous un week-end heureux plein de parfum,Leeann x

wonderful white...

{my faux window sill @ maison No.20}

What is it about white that is so special? It is always so clean and fresh.

At the weekend I purchased some vintage napkins with a pretty blue monogramme and after being laundered they look so clean....almost too good to use.

For lovely whites on Wednesday, please click here.

.....a la prochaine mes amies,

Leeann x

Love these...

........nothing nicer than pains au chocolat still warm from the oven. So very yummy!

One of the many things that I adore about living in France.

A demain, Leeann x

vendredi fleurs...

The first Friday in March, where did February go? Did it pass as quickly for you?Whilst reading NZ House and Garden online, I noticed a tip for arranging tulips so thought that I would give it a go.This morning we went to the market and I selected a "straight" looking bunch of tulips and this afternoon we rummaged in the local countryside for moss.This is the finished product, which I am proud of as normally my flowers get shorter and shorter when I try my hand at floral arrangements.For anyone that also wants to try, the steps are detailed below the photo.....

Steps courtesy of the NZ Home and Garden Magazine.

You’ll need: a large decorative vessel, a smaller vase to fit inside with room to spare, about three bags of moss (depending on size of each vessel), about ten bunches of tulips.

Note I only used one bunch of tulips but think that it depends on the size of your vase abd the look that you are after.

Step One
Start by placing a layer of moss into the bottom of the larger vas…

I adore this window...

I could not resist taking a photo of this fabulous window of a restaurant in La Rochelle, it is so cheeky. J'adore Ça......
......bonne journée from a very cold SW France,

Leeann x