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La vie, c'est comme un vélo

La vie, c'est comme un vélo, il faut avancer pour ne pas perdre l'équilibre!

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein L x

The colour Bordeaux ..

Photo: Rodney Smith
Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend, here it was hot and sunny and the forecast is for more lovely sunshine.

The shutters have all had a base coat and some have had one coat of top coat but it is a long process and the paint is taking a while to dry.

Yesterday Mr FF put the new front door in which looks oh so lovely as it is the colour of bordeaux wine and is actually called "Bordeaux" and it really sets off the white stone exterior of the house.

As most of you already know, the house that we are working on, "Maison No. 20" is set in a 14th century medieval village which means that there are strict laws governing what you can do to your house and there is a list of approved colours that you must use when painting the facade of your house.
I promise that when it is finished I will post some "before" and "after photos". Bon semaine, Leeann x

Fabulously french Pink Saturday...

Photo: Chantal Thomass

I thought that this was most appropriate for Pink Saturday, after all it is fabulous, french and of course pink!

All I can say is what a washing machine! Note there are only going to be 300 available so I suggest that if you want one you better be quick.

Its name "dessus/dessous" translates to "over/under" in English and the marketing campaign is "Chic, un lave-linge assorti à ma lingerie"/ "Very Chic, a washing machine that matches my underwear"!

Or how about something practical for a rainy day?

Tutu rose umbrella by Chantal Thomas
It is certainly one way to stop the traffic, and you would smile doing it!
I am also loving the E-type Jaguar designed by Chantal, it is fabulous and oh so pink!

In fact I have to admit that I love everything about the Chantal Thomass website, it meets all the criteria.........
......pINK,fABULOUS and fRENCH!
For more lovely pink blog entries please visit Beverly's blog - How sweet the sound.
Bon weeke…

Oh I wish....

Photo: Rodney Smith

........that the painting fairy would come and finish painting our volets/shutters.

They are the same style as the ones in the photo, hence they take a lot of time to sand, scrape and finally paint.

Maison No. 20 is looking very naked without them and I think that she will be "très content" when they are all back in their rightful place.

Bon vendredi à tous!
Leeann x

What is your favourite flower?

Photo: Fabulously French

It seems like only yesterday that the sunflowers were just green stems and only a few inches high. It is amazing what a difference, a few weeks and a lot of sunshine makes.
I particularly liked this one as it stood in a field of hundreds of others, that had not turned yellow yet. So Mr FF kindly stopped the car, waded through masses of green faced sunflowers and captured this one for me on film.
Note, I say on film as last year he gave me a huge bunch which looked fabulous in the dining room but dropped lots of yellow powder everywhere so I have since decided to admire them from afar.

Sunflowers at Maison De Poitiers last summer

Sunflowers are happy flowers for me, what flower makes you happy?I would love to hear which flowers make you happy and why....
Leeann x

ps if you did not already know they are called Tournesol in french which translates literally to turn to the sun, which is what they do and I think that is why they make me smile as when you drive past they a…

Transform your friends into dolls....

Photo: Tiny Pocket People

This morning an email arrived in my inbox with the title "Transformez vos amis en poupées".

For a split second I thought that I had misunderstood after all who would want to translate their friends into dolls?

Then I thought maybe this is not a bad idea, when Mr FF is not working on the house and working for a real client, he could carry me with him where ever he goes :-)

All that is required is to email a photo along with some details such as style of clothes etc together with payment and you will receive in return, your loved one in the form of a doll.

Photo: Garbrielle Aznar Boutique

You can either order a French made doll by visiting Gabrielle's lovely website or an American doll by visiting the Tiny Pocket People website.
Photo: Garbrielle Aznar Boutique

What a fabulous idea for a present especially if your loved one travels a lot....

Now all I need to do is find a photo, although I have mentioned it to Mr FF and he thinks that he could use it as a…

What a fabulous weekend.....

Hope that you had a fabulous weekend. Here in SW France it was hot and sunny the whole weekend.
You will be pleased to know that Mr FF had a great birthday and thanks all of you for your kind wishes. By the way anniversaire means birthday in french but many of you must have ESP and realised that it was also our anniversary. We met on the 19th of June so it it is always a double celebration!
We went to our favourite restaurant, Ma Maison which is about a 5km drive from our house in Eymet. It is run but an anglo-franco couple (Louise & Didier) and is simply fabulous. The service is always great and the food oh so french. I always have the foie gras and Didier's is the best that I have tasted since living in France.
The restaurant itself is situated in the most wonderful house and the garden is so french in every sense of the word. Unfortunately I did not take my camera but I have arranged with Louise to go and take some photos this week and I am sure that you will adore it.
After di…

Bon anniversaire ma cheri

Photo: Jenny Terasaki
Today's post is dedicated to the man that I love, my very best friend.....

Trent Maurice Prince (also known as "Mr FF", "Smokey") I adore you, you make my world go around - I know that this is sometimes not an easy task as it moves at a million miles an hour...............

Bon anniversaire ma chéri, je t'aime! Leeann xx

Work continues...

Maison No. 20 Apartment Entrance
Late last night I discovered that the curtains that I had purchased for the living area were too long, at least this is better than being too short and then having to buy fabric to lengthen as was the case in one of the bedrooms.
I placed an emergency call to my curtain lady, but alas she was not at home so I left a cry of help on her answerphone.
Being the angel that she is, she popped in this morning and promised that she would do the necessary and have them finished by Saturday morning, merci beaucoup Maureen!
The entrance in the apartment is almost finished, Mr FF has been busy hanging a coat rack and key holder and is now hard at work on the stairwell.

I thought that you may like to see a couple of photos....

I am really happy with the sisal flooring as I love the texture and it works well with the white walls.

As you know, I am mad about butterflies so I am sure that the butterfly prints do not come as a surprise....and the lavender is the "no wate…

Work in progress

I thought that I would give you a glimpse of what we have been working on....

We have got to the exciting part now as we are starting to move some furniture into the living area of the apartment.

Today I bought the wall clock, which you can see on the far wall in the photo.

I adore the tapestry as it will tie the whole room together, as it has a wine/grapes theme which is fitting to the region as we are literally 5 minutes drive from some of the best vineyards in France.

That said, I am having difficulty finding a wine rack, as there are not a lot available and I may end up getting Mr FF to make me one.

A demain, L x

The reason......

Beth, owner of 2 of the most fabulous blogs style redux and Chinoiserie Chic has asked why the butterfly prints that I recently purchased, are called publicity prints?

The reason that they are called publicity prints is because they were used as publicity for drugs and these particular ones were sent to doctors in the 1960's.On one side they have the print and on the other is the information about the pharmaceutical product.

You can see the name and address of the doctor in the photo and also the information about the drug, this one was used to treat premenstrual problems, thought that this may make you smile - not sure how the butterfly is relevant, but it is certainly very pretty.

A demain,L x

Butterfly love....

I have adored butterflies (papillon in french) ever since I was a child growing up in New Zealand. There is something magical about butterflies, maybe it is due to the fact that they only live for a very short time so they never grow old.

I have managed to find a series of old pharmacy publicity prints, some of which are featured in the photo above.
Now I just need to find some fabulous french frames.....
L x

Busy with.........


Bon dimanche (mine will be spent painting skirting and washing a lot of sheets) L x

Some fabulously french flowers for you......

What is more french than the geranium, I must admit I have not been a fan of them when I have lived in other countries but I am slowly falling under their spell.

They just seem to belong in France, it is like they are meant to be here.

I bought some fabulous pink and white ones today but do not have my camera with me so will post some photos next week.

In the meantime I hope that these photos will help you understand why I think they belong in France......

I love these ones, they look fabulous on their own....

But then these look just as fabulous, grouped together...... And this one is simply perfect....

Have a fabulous Friday! L x

Fabulously french dining room...

Photo: Bruxelles Antiques

I think that I maybe in french dining room heaven!
It contains everything that I love amd more..........I adore the chairs, the hanging light above the table, the table lamps, gorgeous original tiles on the floor, in a word it is FaBuLoUs!

Here's another photo just incase you missed the first...

Photo: Bruxelles Antiques

à très bientôt L x

The light is too long!

Yes that is exactly what happened when we hung the new light in the hall of the apartment, that we are currently working like crazy to get finished.
Mr FF finally got my fabulous lantern up only to find that it hung quite low and there was a high probability of a guest knocking themselves out or even worse, smashing the light :-).
Mon dieu! Could this day get any worse I wondered? After a hard day of hand sanding the very old floorboards in the lounge/dining area this was not what I needed to hear.
Then I remembered that amongst the hundreds of boxes on the ground floor, was a fabulous antique chandelier that I had bought with the intention of selling it in the shop.
I suggested that we move the exisiting light from the bedroom which I thought was a little plain, put this in the hall and hang my antique chandelier in the bedroom.

An hour or so later, the reason that this took longer than expected, was due to the fact that the chandelier is crystal and very heavy so Mr FF thought that he sh…

Oh so fabulously french...

Hope that you all had a fabulous weekend, ours was very productive as we worked on our latest project and of course it involved more painting for yours truly!

As promised, here are some photos of the fabulous antique french mirror that I bought recently.......

Would you believe that it is 1.65m high and 84 cms wide?

I just love the intricacy of the frame, it is so detailed........................

and I especially love this part of the frame!

I am looking forward to seeing it hanging in our wee shop, come September. Note Mr FF is hoping that I do not buy too many more pieces like this as I made him drive very slowly on the way back as I was scared that it would get broken.

Bon semaine

L x

Fabulously pink......

This week it is a short but very sweet post...... I hope that you will agree!
Question: What sits in the middle of a field, is pink and flowers grow out of it?

Answer: .................

Hope that you have a very fabulous Pink Saturday and for more pink please visit Beverly's blog.Bon weekendL xx

6 uninteresting things that make me happy....

Photo: Rodney Smith

I have been tagged by Ness; the owner of one of my oh so favourite blogs, Marley and Lockyer.

I have been asked to write about 6 uninteresting things that make me happy so here goes.....

1.Watching house martins (these are birds that look alot like swallows) flying dangerously close to our windows on the top floor of our house, oh I wish that I could be a bird for a day as I bet it is great fun.....

2. Smiling at a complete stranger and getting an even bigger smile in return3. The smell and feel of freshly laundered and ironed sheets - j'aime beaucoup.

Photo: Maison No 20 new bedroom

4. Dreaming of far away places, old habits die hard even after 15 years of living in far away places I still have a hunger for more!5. The luxury for not having to wear a suit to work anymore, if I want to go barefoot I can....
6. Rain - I hate getting caught in the rain but there is nothing nicer than snuggling up on a rainy night or watching an electrical storm - both Sydney and Brisba…

Cadeau de ma voisine......

This morning I was busy applying the third coat of lime wash to the oak beams, very messy job as it goes everywhere and it looks like they could need at least another two, when the doorbell rang.

I thought that it was a little early for the post lady as she normally comes around 1/2 past 12 and it was just on midday. It was our lovely and very talented neighbour (Jay is a sculptress)carrying a big bowl of cherries, hence the title of todays post is a gift of my neighbour.

They looked so lovely in the bowl that I just had to take a photo of them.

I had no sooner waved my neighbour off when my post lady arrived. I made the mistake of saying that it was too hot for painting (30 degrees today) when she grabbed my arm and told me to sit in her car. It is only a little car but boy was it hot!

She suggested that she take the cherries and carry on with my painting and that I should complete her deliveries. I decided that it was time to make a dash for it before she locked herself in my house....…

Guess what.........

I won a giveaway on Fifi's blog! I could not believe my eyes when I saw Fifi's comment on my blog.

She said that she had something of, I am thrilled as it is the first giveaway that I have won.
This is what I won, isn't it fabulous?

Now I just need to decide where to hang it :-)
A demainL xx

At last........

Hope that you all had a great weekend. We spent Saturday working on maison No. 20 - more about this in a minute and yesterday at a vide grenier in our village which was not as good as others that we have been to. The reason was that there were a lot of professional sellers hence the prices were very high and the items that they were selling were all very similar. The best ones are those where the little old ladies empty their attics (vide grenier = empty attic in english)and the objects they are selling come complete with dust and cobwebs - very authentic.Over the weekend we managed to finally get both bedrooms completed so I thought that I would share a couple of photos with you. Chambre 1, Maison No. 20
The room is lacking curtains at present as these are away being altered as they came up a little short so my lovely curtain lady, Maureen is currently hard at work putting a black stripe near the top of the curtain and also on the bottom so that they should just touch the floor.This af…