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Toile de Jouy

I love Toile de Jouy, it is timeless. Today I have taken some photos of a great toile de jouy apron, matching table mat and two oven gloves. They loook fabulous, I also have a curtain which is the same design but in blue - I have not yet had a chance to photograph this so email me if you are interested.
Speaking of toile de jouy, I was lucky enough to find the most amazing Luneville Toile de Jouy antique dinnerset which is blue and white and so hard to find as it is becoming quite rare these days. I am hoping to photograph it at the weekend so it should be in the store soon. Also in store will be some other blue and white china, which looks great either displayed on the wall or in a cabinet. Cordialement, Lx



I am taking a break from photographing items for the store, I am having a coffee and a macaroon.

For those of you who do not know what they are, they are a very yummy small, round cake, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle!

On tuesday mornings you can buy them at the market in Castillonnes, not far from our Chambres D'hotes. You can even buy lovely fabric bags to put them in, great for presents - I am planning to stock some in on shop which is opening in the Autumn.

Here is a link to a shop in Paris which sells some of the best in France, I love the moving photos.

A bientot,

L x


Bienvenue to my blog which is dedicated to all that is fabulously french! I have also opened an online shop which I am sourcing stock for.

Many people that have stayed at "Maison de Poitiers" our boutique Chambre D'hote have asked where we sourced the antique furniture from so I decided to open a wee shop.

I will keep you updated of any precious finds.

A tres Bientot

L x